Friday, June 3, 2016


A few weeks ago, Barbara Brackman was discussing fabrics at her Material Culture blog, and shared a charming little vintage doll quilt to illustrate her topic.  She referred to it as a housetops-style log cabin variation, a new term for me.

The little old quilt caught my fancy, and I decided to make a reproduction -- not an exact copy, just 'in the spirit of.'  I used scraps of the leftovers accumulated during last year's Stars in a Time Warp series.  My blocks finish at about 5 1/2", and the centers and logs vary in size.  I tied my version to capture the rumpled effect of the original.  Overall it's about 23" x 35".   A fun little sidetrack project, and now it's back to our regularly scheduled quilt To-Do list :)


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