Monday, May 30, 2016

Because one can never have too many sewing machines ...

One of the activities we always enjoy over Memorial Day weekend is garage sale shopping.  It's a REALLY big event here in Bear Valley.  We make lots of impulse purchases, and enjoy socializing with our community. 

This year I ran across a vintage sewing machine that had to come home with me. (!)  It is exactly like my Mom's machine from the 1950s, the one I learned to sew on.  I don't know what happened to hers -- it  disappeared after I left home, many many years ago.  But here was another one, in excellent running condition, and at the right price ... and even though I already have **several** sewing machines, I now also have a Singer 15-91 enjoying a place of honor in the bay window in the living room.  The memories it is calling to mind are priceless!