Friday, April 8, 2016

A nice assignment

This week at the shop I enjoyed spending some careful quality time with this lovely old quilt.
 It was hand-pieced by the customer's mother, and is in fragile condition.  She wanted to have it backed and quilted in order to stabilize it.  As we know, hand-stitched and on-point is a recipe for wonky, but I got it squared up perfectly so the Baptist Fans are running right in line along the patches.  Lots of babysitting so the machine didn't catch and tear any of the fragile patches!  We will be squaring the edges and teaching the owner how to do binding so she can be part of the preservation effort.
Customer quilts may not necessarily be my "cup of tea" colorwise or designwise, although working with each one adds to my experience.  But this one was a joy -- so springtimey and gentle and vintage --
and I wanted to share :) 


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