Friday, January 8, 2016

RSC16 - Blue

UFO busting time! I haven't touched this project since last May -- the first row has been hanging over the door ever since, waiting for me.  Since this month's RSC16 color is blue, I decided to resume work on it.  But when I got the bag of pieces and notes out, I realized that I was no longer interested in putting a lot of time into the original project.  Soooo, this happened next:
I chopped the row into three short sections ...
 ... and then assembled and machine quilted them into this small quilt.
So far, so good, but all the leftovers and scraps were still waiting to be put away.
More puttering took place ...
 ...and another small quilt was created . 
This one is a variation on Martin's Pennies,
from Civil War Legacies by Carol Hopkins.
It will be hand quilted in the coming weeks, and meanwhile a UFO has been conquered! 
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