Thursday, December 10, 2015

North Star

I finished assembling the blue stars from my
block collection!

All year long, Barbara Brackman has been teaching us about fabric styles from the 19th century.  In
her introduction last January, and several other times throughout the year, she suggested that we try to think like early quiltmakers might have, and use unusual combinations and off-kilter fabric placements when creating our stars.  With this suggestion in mind -- and since most of my blocks came from smallish pieces found in my scrap bag, and I was "loose" about running out of fabric and subbing in something else -- I ended up with a lot of quirky stars!

None of these star blocks have anything in common other than the same star design, and blue fabric of some sort or another. Since my blocks are so casual, I chose to use them in a strippy "utility" quilt rather than a more formal layout, sort of like this quilt Barbara shared with us in October.  Ha -- my imaginary early quiltmaker even ran out of fabric for her border, and had to substitute in some other blue pieces! :)

It is my intention to tie this top rather than quilt it, in keeping with the "no frills" utility feel of my project.  I plan to keep this quilt in my own collection, as a reference for all the fabrics we learned about this year. 

This series was an outstanding learning experience!  And I still have another 114 star blocks waiting to be used in future projects!


Jan said...

Looks great - good choice!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Your quirky stars really pop against the neutral background - so pretty!