Thursday, June 4, 2015

Recent commission work

Here is the latest batch of commission quilts I've been busy with recently. 
The orange baskets were a family heirloom top that is finally finished, many decades later. 
The beach vans also came to me as a top. 
This one was a new quilt - the customer selected the pattern and fabrics.  These colors remind me of vintage Barbie doll carrying cases :) 
And finally a keepsake quilt using the customer's family clothes.  As is typical of these quilts, kind of a mish-mash ... but the customer is always right :)

1 comment:

CecileD said...

The family quilt heirloom is gorgeous !! Lucky you !! The second is so funny and I agree with you about the colors for the third !!
I wish you a nice WE !