Monday, May 4, 2015

A finish!

This big quilt has been folded up on the rocker in the family room for months, waiting to have its binding stitched down.  We watched a movie last evening, and I finally got the last side of the binding completed!!
It's a queen-size quilt, made up of an accumulation of 30s-repro blocks from several swaps, plus 9-patch alternating blocks.  Last time I blogged about it was a year ago in January, so it has been lingering in my workroom for a very long time.   I'm thrilled to have it done at last!


gayle said...

What a perfect job you've done combining the blocks! It's just beautiful!

CecileD said...

Congratulations Jeanne ! Your quilt is awesome with beautiful fabrics ! :)
Very good job !

Quilting Babcia said...

Gorgeous! I love the subtle colors. Great feeling to have a huge quilt finished at last.

Norece said...

It is gorgeous!