Saturday, April 25, 2015


I seem to have wandered off and fallen out of the habit of blogging, haven't I? Life is fine, and I'm busy, just haven't been taking the time to sit down and type up a blog entry.
One of the things I've been absorbed with the past couple of weeks has been this top:
It's a commission piece, and it has been slow going.  The pattern was written to use pre-cut strips, and while it was very accurate and detailed, 2 1/2" strips were definitely NOT the most efficient way to make all those triangles and flying geese!  If I never see another stitch-and-flip corner again it will be too soon. 

I realize that the industry encourages their designers to create patterns that can feature pre-cuts, which are an $$expensive$$ but popular way to purchase fabric.  But any experienced quilter would have preferred making the HSTs and flying geese with bigger pieces of fabric and multiple-unit techniques.  I received the project in a bag, already selected and paid for  -- pattern, jelly roll, charm pack and yardage -- and we'll just say if I had been doing the shopping I would have made different choices.  Anyway, I've been slowly and tediously working to meet the customer's wishes using that pattern and those materials ... and I'm relieved that it will be heading off to the long-armer on Monday!  Commission work is certainly a different can of worms.  (and I would have chosen a stronger-colored fabric for the border.  Sigh.)

I also managed to excavate to the bottom of the freezer out in the garage last week -- some *interesting* things unearthed there, let me tell you!  And I'm getting started on the annual window-cleaning and curtain-washing schedule. Meanwhile, I've set up a couple of little hand-quilting projects to pick up when I have a few spare minutes.  Otherwise, since Spring is here, the garden will be calling me outside soon!


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