Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bear Paws

Just finished the shop sample for our
brand-new Big Bear quilt shop
Belinda, the owner, will be open for business beginning this Saturday.  The shop is right down the road and around the corner, within walking distance from both my house AND Belinda's -- she's my good friend and nearest neighbor.  What fun to be part of the quilting community here in Bear Valley!
I don't usually do batiks or Lodge-style projects, but this quilt is just right for display in her shop.



CecileD said...

I love your bear quilt ! I don't use batiks too but sometimes, when we change our uses, we are so surprised by the cute result !!

CecileD said...

I'm not on FB but thanks to the link, i have seen the beautiful store of your friend !!
Congrats for her !! And you're so lucky to live close to it !! ^^