Saturday, December 20, 2014

Aurora Borealis

Suddenly, a top!
Once I took the string stars out of their hiding place, I became fixated with them -- I spent all yesterday evening assembling this top.  I've been sewing up the stars sporadically for the past two years for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013/2014.  I think my original vision for this project was a bit different than this result, but I'm quite happy with the conclusion.  And I'm delighted to have a completion to report to RSC14, and to the String Thing Along group! 
This will most likely be the last quilt project I do this year.  I have binding to be hand-sewn on a couple of quilts during odd moments, but the holiday festivities are commanding most of my time right now.  I will continue to make plans for 2015 in a back corner of my mind though -- feeling creative and excited about the future :)