Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daybook - 07/16/14

I'm feeling ... organized and relaxed
I'm seeing ...  an empty clothes hamper - laundry is done! 
I'm hearing ... a dove cooing    
I'm thinking ... about my dear and special daughters-in-law,
Stacey and Jessica   
I'm planning ... a new quilt project, which means color/fabric daydreaming :)
I'm going ... to the optometrist for my annual check-up this morning
I'm reading ... English Creek by Ivan Doig (excellent writing!)
I'm wearing ... a red tee, denim capris, navy Crocs
I'm cooking ... fish tacos and melon tonight 
I'm creating ... a potholder for the grabbag at my guild's annual picnic
I'm enjoying ...  the butterflies in the garden 
I'm sharing ... a summery moment


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