Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Last week, while I was stash-diving to find fabrics for my upcoming Austen Family Album project, I ran across a bag of weird scraps.  They were leftovers from this quilt, which I made in a workshop  in 2011.  (Am I the only one who has scrap bags like this squirreled away?  And why do I save this kind of stuff?)  Anyway, that had been a "twister" type project, so all the scraps were diagonal cuts and bias strips.
Yesterday, while tidying up from the stash-pulling mess I'd created, I started to sew some crumb centers using the diagonal bits.  One thing led to another, and I now have one less scrap bag and one more block set.  One step closer to becoming a real quilt, probably a comfort quilt, one of these days.

This sewing frenzy had nothing to do with anything -- I think it was just an emotional reaction to having my time and energy no longer consumed with the responsibility of caring for Dad, just a release.  I think the care facility is going to work out for him -- so far, so good and we've got our fingers crossed.
And now back to our regularly-scheduled quilt projects ...


Norece said...

What fun blocks you created from left over bits. Glad you dad is being taken care of and that you like the facility he is in.

Lizzy Lee said...

Thanks for the link to Barbara Brackman's block of the week. I'll add it to my maybe list. Works good for me to wait to see the first couple blocks before I dive into a sew alog. Have to watch for the first blocks in April. Love your blocks from your scraps.

Anonymous said...

I love your scrappy blocks! I sometimes keep scraps from projects together too. I figure, they are already coordinated anyway. Can't wait to see this one finished!