Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A busy week -- lots of holiday menus

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day
I have one Irish great-grandmother

Guinness stout
Corned beef brisket
Braised cabbage and carrots
Parsleyed potatoes
Pistachio (green) shortbread cookies


March 19 - St. Joseph's Day/Festa de San Guiseppe
Tony is proudly Italian-American, so we enjoy many special Italian foods throughout the year

Moscato wine
Sesame breadsticks
Sicilian meatballs with raisins and pine nuts
Saffron rice
Steamed broccoli
Orange wedges
Cream puffs/Sfinci


March 20 - Vernal Equinox/first day of spring
One of my personal seasonal observances, featuring a meal comprised of seven dishes beginning with "S" , as inspired by the Persian Nowruz celebration ... our "Seven S" dinner menu changes from year to year, depending on my whim

This year's menu :
Shiraz wine
Green salad
Sourdough bread with herb butter
Charcoal grilled steak
Scalloped potatoes
Strawberry shortcake


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