Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 Review

February turned out to be a really challenging month.  Dad's health has dropped off dramatically, and we spent most of the month travelling back and forth: first to the hospital "down the hill," (130 miles round trip every day) and after that to the skilled nursing facility nearer home.  He will have to be discharged and come stay here for a while, so his insurance coverage status can be changed from "rehab" to "permanent care". Many very specific regulations on all this. Health insurance is unbelievably complicated, even though he's getting the care he needs for now.  Still a long row to hoe here.  Sigh.
I haven't had any empty space in my brain or my schedule for any new creative thinking for several weeks.  I managed to work along on the green Home Circle project all month, and then the other day did a bit of assembling and layering of Calico Garden.  I started RSC14/Pink with a cute little heart mat, but haven't touched pink since that first weekend of the month.  Did one block for Threads of Memory.  Haven't worked on the next CQJP14 bird block at all.  In general, I really lost my grip on everything but the crisis at hand during February. 
I'm hopeful that March will be better.  Once we get Dad settled in here, the days should become more routine.  I'm not kidding myself, I'll be very busy caring for him -- I've been an in-home caregiver before.  But at least I'll be here all the time, rather than dealing with that killer schedule of on-call travel whenever things developed at the hospital.  I'm looking forward to perhaps a bit more sewing time ... making time for it because it relaxes me ... and to doing the best I can with the situation at hand.

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