Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pretty Bird - Slow Stitching Sunday

At first glance this block doesn't look much different than it did last Sunday, but I have been diligently embroidering the seams all week, and there are only a few left to cover.  I should get them done this afternoon/evening during football on TV. 

This project, for CQJP2014, seems to have taken on a personality of its own.  Originally I was envisioning a "red bird" crazy quilt, but the collection of bird fabrics I've accumulated nudged things over into a blue and brown/natural theme instead.  And because of the earthy palette that has evolved,  I think I'll be aiming for a  rustic summer-camp-souvenir feel for the project rather than a more traditional ornate formal crazy quilt.  I think I have a piece of blue and brown plaid homespun that might be good for borders -- I'll have to go stash-diving and try to find it one of these days.

This is my Slow Stitching Sunday link for the week.