Monday, March 25, 2013

A completion!

I finished the UFO I was puttering with earlier this month -- just need to stitch the binding to the back.   I'd pulled out a set of sampler blocks that had been lurking in the closet for a good long while, and since then have been plugging along toward a finish.

I'm really making an effort to clear out UFOs -- they've been increasing to a number beyond my comfort level.  I have some interesting challenging new projects I'd like to start, but I'm being disciplined about 'clearing the decks' first.  The Halloween log cabin from the other day was part of this drive, too.  Four or five  more, and then I'll let myself plunge into something new.



Patti said...

Looks great Jeanne! Now that I've made a few quilts with "go together" blocks (I hesitate to call them "sets" as they weren't necessarily designed to go together) I've discovered I really enjoy the process. It is fun trying to come up with a setting and fabrics that make the quilt look like a "planned" project. You certainly did a great job doing that. I love Sharon Craig's books when I'm looking for ideas.

I see you are in the same place I am. Most of mine are finished tops that still need to be quilted and bound. It is so much more fun starting a new quilt instead of finishing an old top. It is time I headed upstairs and got my longarm working again.

Angie said...

What a wonderful feeling that must be to see the completed quilts piling up. :) Lovely finish, Jeanne.

McIrish Annie said...

UFO cleanup seems to be a trend of late! nice job