Friday, February 8, 2013

Interesting events

Well, hmmm: here we are, right in the middle of a manhunt!  You may have heard about this on the news -- cop killer, burned out truck, etc -- and yes, that's us up here in Big Bear!  Very surreal, because we are literally 50+ miles from civilization, buffered by uninhabited national forest, and are usually insulated from current events in the real world.  But small world from the other perspective: what are the odds of you knowing a blogger who's right where this event is happening?

So we watched the smoke rising from the burning truck down at the end of our road yesterday (about a mile away), and all the helicopters circling until dark.  Police cars spent the night patrolling up and down the road with searchlights, and now we're socked in with a major winter storm, so the search tactics have changed this morning.  Not sure where things go from here, because at this point they don't even know if the fugitive is still up here or not.

Anyway, we're fine, and are somewhat entertained by all this commotion in a place that's normally totally quiet and boring!

SBD Sun article Friday morning

Grizzly article local news

San BD Sun article Friday afternoon

You just have to wonder, in any of these weird horrifying cases of violence and mayhem that we hear more and more about these days, just what is going on in that person's mind.

It's snowing so hard we can hardly see across the road ...

Here's something more normal and reassuring: I finished the binding on this comfort quilt, made from a set of 30s swap blocks.



Kathryn said...

It is weird, isn't it? I honestly think he is long gone from here and the whole thing was a diversionary tactic.

The quilt is absolutely beautiful. Definitely looks antique. I have an old quilt top i should pull out.

Have a lovely, snowy day. :)

Angie said...

I knew, when I heard this on the news last night, that this is the area that you live---I'm glad I didn't know just HOW CLOSE to your house this was taking place---AND that I DON'T have your phone # or else I would have HAD to call to check on you guys. :) If they haven't found him yet, then I hope he is long gone from your neck of the woods (literally). So glad to know you're all safe. Love the comfort quilt. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought immediately about you when I heard they thought he was up there. He was down in my neck of the woods where he did all his mayhem before he went up there. I think the guy isn't even up there anymore. I think he dumped the truck and had another hidden up there and went on back down the hill, in my opinion. I hope they are still looking for him down here in the lowlands! That snow storm is something, I was watching on the news. We barely got any rain down here.

Auntie Em said...

Hope they get this guy so you can stop having to even think about it.

Linda J said...

When I heard "Big Bear" on the news I told my husband that I think one of my blog ring friends lives up there now. Oh, my! As if the coming snow was not enough. Hope you all stay safe and warm.

Linda J said...

and the quilt is wonderful---as your quilts are!

anne bebbington said...

this even made the news over on our side of the pond and my ears pricked up when I heard them mention Big Bear Lake I can tell you - stay safe and cosy and warm too looking at the weather

Kathie said...

when I was watching the news last night and saw this I thought of you instantly...stay safe and I bet this guy is far away from here anyway since he knows thats where they will be looking for him.
keep quilting always fun to check in on you and see what your doing. Never cease to amaze me with all you get done
Is your son still in Boston? hope he is safe too we have been hit hard with the snow here...BLIZZARD!

annotations said...

Ditto! I heard that and thought, "Hey, that's where Jeanne lives!" Hope their drama passes soon.

I love your swap blocks quilt. Oh, and by the way, I saw the photos of your dog snuggled up on your fabric on your other page. I loved those ! Good dog!

Diane said...

I was wondering if that was 'your' Big Bear area when I saw the story on the news last night. crazy things happening-hope they catch/find the guy sooner than later.

very nice comfort quilt!