Saturday, February 16, 2013

Grandmothers Choice - week 25

Well, it's been quite  a while since I posted about my Grandmother's Choice project.  In fact, I gave out on it the Saturday in December that my good old dog Jess had to be put down ... and then it was the holiday season, and then I got lazy.
Anyway, I had a nice gentle nudge from Barbara Brackman this week, (scroll down to see mine) and being flattered at the recognition, I took it as a sign to get going again.
This week's block is Carrie Nation.  No triangles at all, so it was a piece of cake!!  :)
Here's where I stand currently with the series.  Brackman is on Week 25, so I'm still missing a few blocks, but closing in on being up to date!



Anonymous said...

Oh Jeanne, this is very nice indeed. I love that you are using yellows, mustard and golds. One doesn't see that very often. This is going to be wonderful.

blessings, jill

anne bebbington said...

I don't usually loiter in the yellow zone at all - but this is the second yellow thing (the other was a post on facebook of a room with yellow soft furnishings) that has really taken my fancy in the past day or two - perhaps someone is trying to tell me something - these blocks are looking lovely

Patti said...

Looks like the great project. I'm eager to "read backwards" to learn more about this. I love your "happy" colors!

Angie said...

Gurrllll you are definitely a CELEB. :) Your blocks are all gorgeous---love the colors you're using.