Sunday, January 6, 2013

On the twelfth day of Christmas ...

... we've finished the jigsaw puzzle, and finished the holiday season!
Thank you for bearing with me as I spent slow time these past couple of weeks savoring the gifts of my life and nourishing my spirit ... which is today's subject. 
Since this is Epiphany/Three Kings Day, we traditionally enjoy timbale, an Italian pot-pie, for dinner. The rolls on the plate are also stuffed with cheese and pomegranate seeds.  And for dessert we'll have chocolate chip cookies filled with chocolate fudge ...  so all three items on the menu represent gift packages :)  With this meal we enjoy mulled wine.

Another name for this day is Twelfth Night, and here's my Twelfth Night quilt, hanging for the month of January in the sunroom.  The winter nights are dark and deep, and we'll have time to rest and reflect during this quiet month of the year. 
Looking ahead: I will look forward to continuing to enjoy the friendship and inspiration of my blog community!
Looking back:  During December, we were saddened by the loss of our faithful dog Jess.  I read three books, finishing the year at 48.  I finished three quilt projects, bringing the total for 2012 to 72 quilt projects.  Our holiday celebrations were lovely, and the year ended with joy and hope.


Suzan said...

Your 12th Night quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

Angie said...

If there are leftovers, I think I'll have dinner at your house tonight...I love your celebrations, and the Twelfth Night quilt is beautiful. I have been working on making a couple of log cabin blocks tonight. I'm having to cut as I go but that's okay---at least I'm sewing. :)

carol said...

Love your 12th night quilt. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

Diane said...

love the 12th night quilt-it's gorgeous.