Friday, December 28, 2012

On the third day of Christmas ...

... I'm celebrating my family!
These pics are arranged into "that was then ... this is now" groups.  It's fun to compare.
First, Tony and me:

Next, Nick and Dave:

And finally, Nick and wife Stacey, Dave and wife Jessica:

Everybody's happy, healthy, and in love (even us oldsters!).  Can't ask for any more than that!
Looking ahead: We'll hope to maintain this status-quo in 2013.  The kiddos are all successfully travelling along on their life journeys, and although I miss having them close by, I'm so delighted that they're all fine.  Tony and I continue to age gracefully together :)  Every day is a joy.  Maybe this will be the year that we get all the old photos sorted and organized?
Looking back: During March, I read six books.  Way down on quilt production -- a number of projects in the works, but only one comfort quilt, one mini and one lap-size quilt actually completed.  Went out to a lovely tea-party with my friendship group.  Repainted the family room, changing it from green to tan.  Enjoyed watching the daffodils sprout and bloom.

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black bear cabin said...

what wonderful pictures...i enjoyed the history thru pictures of your family! looks like a great bunch of folks! :) happy new year to all of you!