Saturday, December 1, 2012

Grandmother's Choice - week 14

 This week's block in Brackman's Grandmother's Choice series is Bride's Knot.  It was quick and easy, a familiar block.  I missed posting a couple of weeks in this series because of Thanksgiving busy-ness, but here I am, all up-to-date. 

These Grandmother's Choice blocks will need to be straight set, not on point, because of the style of several of the blocks.  It's never too soon to plan ahead: the blog for Brackman's previous series, Civil War Quilts , has been featuring some stunning setting ideas recently, here and here in particular. 



Anonymous said...

This looks amazing in the yellows and golds. I wouldn't have thought to do it in those colours. Now I want a yellow quilt on my bed!

black bear cabin said...

another gorgeous quilt soon to be...i love the colors! i need to branch out on my colors a bit...i never would have chose these and i love them! :)