Saturday, November 24, 2012

Daybook - 11/24/12

I'm feeling ... caught up!  It's been a busy couple of weeks -- one group of guests after another -- but
the entertaining is done for the next week or so and I finally have some quiet time ahead :)
I'm seeing ... most of the leaves have dropped from the poplars along the road: one more afternoon of raking and we'll be done for the year.
I'm hearing ... a car parking, crunching on the gravel shoulder across the road at the neighbor's house. 
I'm thinking ... about Christmas decorations.  Tony worked on the outside lights yesterday, and I'll be starting inside this afternoon -- well, putting the November turkeys away, anyway.
I'm planning ... to put the brown and orange dish sets that we use for autumn into the storage cabinet, and to take out the green and snowman ones for winter.
I'm going ... to see "Oliver!" at the Performing Arts Center tomorrow afternoon.
I'm reading ... The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig.
I'm wearing ... an ivory turtleneck, jeans, brown suede boots, and my usual ponytail.
I'm cooking ... cornmeal waffles for breakfast, and still just Thanksgiving leftovers for another day or two for dinner.
I'm creating ... I got two big quilts layered and pinned yesterday, so I'm set for a week of machine quilting.
I'm enjoying ... the aroma of woodsmoke from neighborhood fireplaces.
I'm sharing ... seasonal details, Thanksgiving weekend:


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