Sunday, September 30, 2012

September finish

I got the binding stitched down on this quilt yesterday evening, and it's fresh out of the dryer.  I'm going to work on October/Halloween home decor tomorrow, and plan to use this one in the living room.

This is the only quilt project I worked on from start to finish during September -- an unusually nonproductive month for me!  We were busy most of the month though, with two different sets of out-of-town house guests, and also with Tony's eye surgery that necessitated several trips "down the hill".

Looking forward to October -- I love autumn, and also our schedule should settle back down to normal.



Dawn said...

Beautiful Fall Colors! Nice to work a project straight through ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne , I love the Thomas Wolf picture and poem. I had a blog and I have been dealing with hackers and problems finally took it down. I have Facebook page you can visit. I lived in California a long time ago. When we were there in 1984 I learned how to quilt . Then we moved to NJ and I really tried my hand at it. Have not been able to stop since. Regards, Izzy

Angie said...

Oh Jeanne, this bowtie is a beauty! Isn't Fall just the most glorious time of the year. :)

anne bebbington said...

Lovely autumnal quilt Jeanne - just right for the season

Melzie said...

I was reading newest posts first so was going to ask you about this one then scrolled more and there it was! I love it, may I ask where you got the pattern? I really like your October quilts out :) I am so glad you are doing your monthly glimpses into your decor again! xoxo melzie