Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daybook 08/29/12

I'm feeling ... comfortably busy, lots to do but I can handle it
I'm seeing ...  thunderclouds building up: we're going to get more rain this afternoon
I'm hearing ... crows cawing up in the cedar tree
I'm thinking ... about out-of-town guests who will be visiting with us next week
I'm planning ... the Comfort Quilts exhibit for the guild quilt show coming up this weekend
I'm going ... out to the garage to unearth the September bedskirt and quilts, getting a head start on the home dec changes this time because of the guests coming
I'm reading ... Mayflower  by Nathaniel Philbrick
I'm wearing ... a tan striped v neck tee and black knit pants
I'm cooking ... chicken salad and brownies to take to a potluck supper
I'm creating ... just working on bindings right now
I'm remembering ... coping with Dad's broken hip last year at this time
I'm enjoying ... poppyseed bagels this week instead of my usual sesame seed ones
I'm sharing ... a hint of autumn discovered at K-Mart yesterday: