Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mail call!

I brought home quite a haul from the post office this afternoon!  That's not a hot water heater you see, it's a full 30-yard roll of 96" wide batting.  I only buy batting once a year or so, but it always seems like such a huge amount. 

And then there's the 42 yards of fabric which also arrived today ...  it was on clearance, and only $5 flat rate for shipping, so how could I resist?  That order started with just a measly yard or two of 1930s Christmas fabric.  Sigh.  I think it probably wins the Lifetime Achievement Award for my largest quilting mail order ever.

So I've certainly used all my quilting allowance for the next several months.  And it will take me at least that long to make up this much yardage in the weekly stash report and get myself out of the red.

Heading off to my sewing room to start consuming! :)