Monday, February 13, 2012

A casualty

Tony had the boy dogs out for their afternoon stroll yesterday when they were ambushed by an off-leash pit bull  :(   Our dogs are always leashed, but the attacking dog was apparently loose on his driveway with his owner.  I'm sure in that dog's brain, he was just protecting his territory like he was supposed to.

Elvis took the brunt of the attack, before the other owner managed to pull his dog off.  A trip to the vet, a fractured leg and bite wounds: $600 and two hours later, and Elvie will be sleeping it off for a few days.  The other owner paid for the vet bill.

Poor guy -- he's such a low-key, good-natured dog.  I'm sad to see him under the weather, but glad that it was only this bad -- could have been much worse.