Thursday, January 26, 2012


We made the rounds to several of our local thrift shops this morning, in search of an **interesting**  framed mirror to use in the downstairs powder room after it has been redecorated.  Didn't find the right thing yet for that, but I did come home with this $10 treasure:

Schoolgirl's Puzzle

The fabrics in this quilt appear to be circa 1900 - 1920.  It's hand pieced and hand quilted.  Some of the fabrics show age deterioration, but there are no gaping holes.  The binding has frayed away most of the way around.  It's about 72" x 80".  If you look carefully, you'll notice that the block in the center of the top row, and also the one on the lower right corner are turned the wrong way.  Also, two of the red blocks have the small triangles facing 'the other' way.

This is just the kind of quilt I try to create when I'm making a vintage/repro quilt project!  It's scrappy, with random color placement.  The pieces and the backgrounds fabrics include a wide variety of prints, and some are repeated while others are not.  The workmanship is good, but not perfect -- the maker was a real person, not a machine!

I hope someone will enjoy one of my quilts someday as much as I'm going to enjoy owning this one!


1.  Got the museum newsletter finished up early this month!
2.  Gulls circling over the lake
3.  Date night -- fish tacos and horchata for supper, and then Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close at the movies



McIrish Annie said...

Why is it i never find anything that interesting or funin my thrift shops? This is a beauty. And don't worry your quilts will be loved like this one.

Saw your 2012 list. Way to put those BAD blocks to work!

Anonymous said...

Love your wonderful quilt find! Also love your comment and agree wholeheartedly: "The workmanship is good, but not perfect -- the maker was a real person, not a machine!" I need to remember this when I'm hand piecing a hand quilting. Hugs from Kentucky - kelley

black bear cabin said...

what a soooo jealous! :) im always sad when i see a quilt made with so much love just floating around at a thrift store...but then happy when it ends up in a good home! hurray for you, i know you will cherish this gem and treat it with the love and care it deserves! hugs!

Angie said...

Jeanne, you are one lucky girl!! I NEVER find anything like that when I go to thrift shops---the ones here are literally 'junk' shops. LOL It is a beautiful quilt and I too love the little 'imperfections' that make it with someone's love stitched into it. :) Enjoy.