Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It's COLD here!  Temps have been down around zero the past several nights, and just up into the twenties during the day.  This is great weather for our ski resorts -- they can blow snow 24 hours a day when it stays so cold.  With the roads being clear and dry, and the snow base on the slopes increasing, the community gets zillions of guests, which is wonderful for the local economy!


1.  Holiday party season -- had a lovely time at the guild dinner last night, and the museum dinner is tonight
2.  Silly emails that make me smile 
3.  Most of the holiday decorating around the house is done, and we're feeling festive!


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Diane said...

beautiful picture-brrrr so cold though! We live right next to a county park and its ski slope --a little hill compared to your glorious mountains:) In Jan/Feb when it is cold enough here to make snow. I can hear the machines from my back deck. I like the droning sound.
Your gratitude lists almost always make me say 'yes, I agree!'