Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recent finishes

I finally finished the binding on this holiday quilt,  just one week into December so it's not really tooo terribly late :)  It's my version of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts weekly series.  Coincidentally, the red I used for the setting triangles is from Barbara Brackman's Civil War Reunion line.  I had at least a half-million yards of it already in my stash, and it was a good color ... so: Go Brackman!  Go Civil War repros!

And here's a very purple Block-a-Day block set that became a comfort quilt last week.  It's already been dropped off at Doves, the domestic violence shelter.  I still have about 12 or 14 B-a-D block sets remaining, but slowly they're getting whittled down.  Two more sets will be turning into more Doves quilts this coming week.  Sad that they need more quilts, but happy that I can provide a few for them!!



Diane said...

mmmm the Christmas quilt is lovely-plenty of time to enjoy it!
your purple bl-a-day is great too. I still have 70+ blocks left from mine; hoping to get them used in '12. I didn't follow the colors as you did.

Ann-Mari said...

Your civil war quilt looks great. Good job:-)

Bonnie said...

I just looked at your block a day blog. Wow! Great job. It was great help looking for 9" blocks! Nice job on the civil war quilt.

AnnieO said...

A million yards of the red? Your house must be lined in it :) Great looking quilts, both of them.