Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back

I completed 59 quilt projects in 2011, including 27 comfort quilts.  This used 314.50 yards of fabric, which was offset by the 185.25 yards I purchased.  I'm OK with the incoming fabric though, as long as I use more than I acquire.  Of course I'd love to spend more time quilting, but I have been getting a lot done.  I'm aesthetically satisfied with most of the projects I complete.  I'm very comfortable with my identity as a utility quilter, not an heirloom/show quilter :)

2011 "highlights" included redecorating and recarpeting the entire second floor of the house, Dad's broken hip, and Dave and Jessica's official engagement (at looong last).  We inherited little Jake, our third dog, when my dad was no longer able to take care of him, and his perky personality is a joy.   We were delighted to have all the kiddos here for Christmas -- the whole family hasn't been together for the holidays since 2007.

I served as the Comfort Quilts chairperson for my guild, and the newsletter chairperson for the Historical Society.  I read a lot, including the 8000+ pages of the Outlander series. I cooked and baked more.  I was grateful every single day to be living in this beautiful place.   I'm totally happy with who I am, and with where I am on my life's journey



sewprimitive karen said...

Gracious, those are amazing quilty statistics. Did you keep a chart of finished projects? Happy New Year, Jeanne!

Diane said...

You inspire me.
Thank you.
Happy New Year.

Jennie in GA said...

It is wonderful when we can finally be satisfied with who we are and where we are going and know that there are things out of our control. Congratulations on your achievement of that!

Suzanne said...

What a lovely look at your year. Here's to another great year of family and creating!

Michelle said...

Wow, you were busy -- and those quilts are gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Love your blog. I'm also in CA, in Lemoore. your quits are lovely. I love Outlander too!