Friday, December 16, 2011

Done!! (and more B-a-Ds used!)

So, remember last week when I was talking about the domestic violence shelter needing more comfort quilts?  Well, I've been busy up in the sewing room, and got these three cranked out in short order!

When life allows me the time, I'm a FAST quilt maker!!  Here's a look at my process:  as you can see, all three were absolutely "quick-and-dirty" projects.  All the related fabrics for each quilt were already in kit bags, so no decision-making about colors, etc.  The pieced blocks were from Block-a-Day, and besides that I just added width-of-fabric strips.  Ha, the blue and yellow one is just strips, can't get any easier than that!  I didn't calculate any sizes for anything -- however wide the narrowest w-o-f turned out to be is how wide each quilt became.  And lengths were "whenever those fabrics ran out" :)  No pieced backs, either, since I was already working with w-o-f.  Very simple quilting, about an hour apiece, machine stitched bindings, and : taadaa, three comfort quilts! 

I'll  be dropping them off at Doves this afternoon, and am pleased that I could brighten someone's holiday season.