Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Let's all help Dad fix the curtain rod on the stair landing ...


1.  House slippers keeping my toes warm
2.  Rediscovering a couple of blogs that I used to enjoy years ago
3.  Vegetable soup and sourdough biscuits for lunch



Bonnie said...

So glad the doggies were there to lend their assistance. Or were they just giving advice?

Anonymous said...

Love all your gratitudes tonight. I wish it would get cool enough down here for us lowlanders to wear slippers, we're still getting shorts weather! Love all the doggies helping out!

Diane said...

LOL- hilarious! Our dogs are great helpers too-they love to help Paul when he's under the sink--they think sniffing his ears is a great help to him :)It makes him laugh, which is wonderful since he hates doing plumbing repairs. (dogs are the best)
You're gratitude list has put me in the mood for soup-love it when someone else figures out what I should make for supper!

AnnieO said...

Supervising is hard work too, ya know! Glad they were on the job :)

Andee said...

Love the little helpers! How cute is that!