Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Nick and Stacey are enjoying a belated honeymoon in Italy!

I've been "lost in space" this month as far as quilting goes.  I haven't done a single thing since I finished piecing my big buckeye top, and that was more than two weeks ago.  I think part of my problem is that my "should do" project list never seems to get any shorter, so I never let myself work on "wanna do" stuff.  I just bog down and stop.  I decided to try some housekeeping and purging in the sewing room, to clear the decks and get myself back on track. 

Five UFOs have been sent along to greener pastures -- it always helps to mentally lighten the load, doesn't it?  Fifteen yards of fabric have been bagged up for the guild bargain table.  A stack of old magazines and books have been shared with my friendship group.  Things are looking tidier and I'm ready to get inspired again.  Onward, to a new month ...

Can you tell I'm procrastinating on layering and quilting that big buckeye top? 



anne bebbington said...

Oh Jeanne - I know just what you mean - my sewing room is under the influence of Vesuvius Management right now - piles of crumpled stuff on top of piles of jumble everywhere - just can't face it so I've moved my basket of Liberty Tana Lawn into the lounge and am English paper piecing hexagons with it - its a school holiday this week so I'm off work but do I have the stomach to tackle it it - you've guessed it - er no!!!

Alice said...

I have an idea! I read a blog called the Happiness Project, and one suggestion she had was to 'suffer for fifteen minutes'. There are some tasks that seem so monumental that you just seize up when you contemplate doing them. So tell yourself that every day you will 'suffer for fifteen minutes' doing some small part of that task. You don't have to like it, but before long it gets done! I use this trick for paperwork that I hate doing. The thing is that eventually all the obligations take up so much space in your mind that it infringes on your ability to think of doing the things you even want to do.
I hope your slump ends soon!

julieQ said...

Oh, that sounds like something I need to do...TODAY!! Lighten the load, I mean! Glad that Nick and Stacey are off having a wonderful time.

McIrish Annie said...

I've done the same thing... lots of spring cleaning including the sewing room. helps to clear the decks so we can move on..

lovely picture of your son and DIL. very jealous would love to be in Italy