Monday, March 14, 2011

March UFO

A completion!  This quilt was started **several** years ago, and it's come out and gone back into its bag at least twice since then.

As background, my long-time blog friends may remember that one of my lifetime quilt goals is to make a "dowry" set of twelve quilts for my bed.  Well, I've been quilting for nearly two decades, and have completed more than 360 quilts in that time.  Included in the total, I've made 29 queen size quilts ... and I still don't have my own set of twelve!  This quilt brings me one step closer to the finish line :)

This one will be my March quilt.  The color palette was inspired by the thawing forest.  Lots of brown twigs and puddles out there this time of year, but a few sprouts are beginning to peek out  ...