Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Looking at February

Here's a February quilt from my collection that I'm not sure I've shared before.  It was done as a round-robin exchange in 2003, but I didn't get it finished up until the beginning of 2005, in time for Valentine's Day that year.  I call it "Luv is in the Air."  It's hanging in the sunroom this month.

February targets ~

*Finish binding on Birds in the Air
*UFO Challenge - #10 - a cute transportation block set for a kid comfort quilt
*Monochromatic Challenge - violet - maybe a purple and white block set for an adult comfort quilt?
*Civil War Sesquicentennial BOW - 4 blocks/weeks this month
*Guild "Baskets" BOM - 1 block
*AQOMV - 2 or 3 pieced blocks

I'll probably wander off onto some other projects also, but this is the list that I really want to complete in the coming month.



anne bebbington said...

Lovely quilt Jeanne - those greens are a perfect foil for the sugary pinks and lilacs

Alice said...

Wow. That is gorgeous! Now I'm curious. How many quilts do you have? Do you redecorate your house all the time by switching out your quilts? All I know is that I'm not even a quilter and I think I might be scaring the ladies at the local quilt shop because I frequently go in there to loiter and drool at all the fabulous eye candy they have hanging on the walls. I'd be set for life if I could wander about your house ogling your beauties!