Monday, February 28, 2011

February AQOMV

I made some good progress on my Album Quilts of Ohio's Miami Valley project this month. 

Last month I struggled with the appliqued eagle, so this month I just did pieced blocks.  The quilts in the source book contain a variety of blocks, plenty to choose from. 

The little Shoo Fly block is the one I'll be making to send out to all the swap participants.  The green Churn Dash is the block I received from another swapper.  I made the Ohio Star because this project is about quilts that were made in Ohio.  I also decided to do the Bear Paw because I live in Big Bear Lake.

I'll be receiving nine more blocks from other swappers in the coming months.  I'm planning to do at least one more each month on my own too, so the quilt will have at least twenty blocks by the end of the year.



Kathryn said...

I so enjoy seeing all the beautiful things you are making. Your quilts and pieced things are exquisite.

I've always had problems with appliqué. I think i only tried it a couple of times, and then decided to stick with piecing!

Hope you are well & enjoying the snow. I can't believe all the icicles we have currently. :)

julieQ said...

Very pretty blocks!! YOur eagle is just wonderful!

Alice said...

The eagle is amazing! Love the shoo fly block too... that's one of my nicknames for my daughter, as in, 'shoo fly, don't bother me'. :-)