Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back

What a fine year this has been!  My top-of-the-list highlights are Nick and Stacey's marriage, and the completion of my B-a-D challenge.  Other events that made 2010 memorable were our record-setting eleven feet of snow, and our newly painted and reroofed red house.  Decluttering continued, and we actually have a car in the garage for the first time in many years.  I became an active member of both the historical society and the quilt guild.  I entered a quilt in a show for the first time, and won an honorable mention ribbon.

The B-a-D challenge turned out to be more tedious than I expected it to be ... or maybe my attention span is shorter that I thought it was :)  But I did finish all 366 blocks.  I can't really figure how many yards of fabric were consumed, because most of it came from scrap pieces rather than yardage, but there are two fewer tote-tubs in my stash collection now!   Twelve of the block sets have already become quilts, and the remaining twenty-eight block sets are scheduled for completion soon.  Most of them will be donated as comfort quilts.  Besides piecing the B-a-D blocks, I completed thirty-four projects this year -- twelve runners and twenty-two quilts.

I did more recreational reading.  I cooked more frequently, and made better meals.  I made new friends.  I settled comfortably into our mountain lifestyle -- can't imagine being anywhere else.  I enjoyed the weather, and the changing seasons, and the wildlife, and the forest, and the mountains, and the sky -- nature is so awesome!   I woke up every morning thinking 'Ohohoh, what's happening today?!'  I was never bored.  Every day was an adventure, and a joy!!  Life is good. 



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing the Block a Day quilt. I'm not sure I could have stuck with it.

Quilting by the Lake said...

What a great year for you! Congrats! What a cute winter house block? Do you know the name of the book or pattern? Happy New Year!

Alice said...

Happy New Year!

anne bebbington said...

It's been a delight wandering through 2010 with you Jeanne, here's to much more of the same for you in 2011 xxx

Linda_J said...

I wondered if you would be able to see it thru to the end. I look at the calendar every day atop my computer and wonder often how many blocks I might actually try some day. A few I have but maybe re-sized or redrawn to eliminate some lines.

Always fun to see what you are up to, Jeanne. Happy New Year to you.