Monday, December 6, 2010

A comfort quilt

My Busy Bears Quilt Guild supports our local domestic violence program by donating a comfort quilt for each woman and child who seeks shelter at the safe house.  Sadly, some new residents came in last week, and we suddenly needed several comfort quilts as soon as possible.

I zoomed up this kid quilt using blocks already pieced from my B-a-D project.  I'd originally planned to do something more interesting with these blocks, but in this case Done was better than Fancy.  Hope it brightens someone's day!

(I'm sooooooo close to being finished with B-a-D!!!!!!)


In other news, it rained overnight and our brand-new six-week-old $10,000 roof leaked.  Quite a bit.  Sigh.  The guys are up there right now, thumping around and deciding on repair strategies.




Robin said...

Wow, the quilt looks GREAT! How nice to think you are comforting someone in need - that's definitely more important than "fancy" would be!

OMG on the roof. BEYOND aggravating!!!!

Anonymous said...

My mouth dropped when I read about your roof, I'm so sorry as we have been there with our ceiling, the HOA's roof.

Your quilt will be much appriecated.


McIrish Annie said...

That quilt will be loved to pieces. and it is done. again my congrats on sticking with BAD! sorry about your roof. that is definitely aggravating