Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October decor

We've been enjoying the company of out-of-town guests for the past couple of days, but they headed back "down the hill" this morning, so I had a nice quiet afternoon.  I got a start on Halloween decorating -- here's this month's collection on the hutch cabinet.  More tomorrow ...


1.  Frosty rooftops this morning
2.  New slippers keeping my toes warm
3.  Bright quilts, flannel sheets, and soft feather pillows



Elaine Adair said...

At first glance, I thought your decorated shelf was a Row x Row! I gotta get some other interests!!!

Alice said...

Beautiful colours! What a nicely decorated area; if it were mine I'd spend lots of time just gawking and admiring. I agree with your gratitudes... with the exception of any sort of frost.

black bear cabin said...

what a lovely display! unfortunately my decorations have to be non-breakable for now, as Jordyn likes to play with all of them. :)