Tuesday, August 3, 2010


First day of school for our valley kids! Our district is on a year-round schedule, and this begins their fall quarter. The school buses came along right on time this morning -- we're at a corner where there's a bus stop. Sigh ... I guess summer is waning already.

Tony's off and running on a new home improvement project: a nice brick walkway from the front porch around to the side yard. This involves digging a trench all the way along (four feet wide by 40 feet long), two tons of sand dumped in the driveway, and 600+ bricks. Should keep him out of trouble for a while!

I got a fun package in the mail today! These goodies are from Nann, a Yahoo friend. Three sets of Christmas squares and 150 plaid charms -- wowee!!!! I can't wait to pull out my Nickel Quilts books and get going on those plaids :)



black bear cabin said...

well, i dont know about you, but since we had no spring, summer really does seem to be flying by! i sure hope we have a nice long fall...thats my favorite time of year anyways :)
Post more photos of your yard work...it looks like its going to be beautiful! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Summer is going way too fast, feels as if Christmas will be next week.

I too will be looking forward to updates on the yard work. So nice to watch someone else do the work...hehehe


Alice said...

Two tons of sand?! This calls for a shovel and pail... you could make one huge sandcastle! Then maybe summer wouldn't feel all but over.

Diane said...

I feel bad for the kids returning to school-now that I don't have any to send back-hehe.
I love brick paths, I made a little patio area myself a few years ago. I hope we'll see more pictures of the progress.

AnnieO said...

Summer has been passing by quickly but we have not had much summer weather here on the coast--very cool and cloudy. School starts in about three weeks I think--they printed the bus schedule in the paper last week.

Love the plaid charms! What a lucky lady.

Quilts And Pieces said...

You know, those xmas squares look like some my friend Nann had.... Does Nann live in IL?