Tuesday, August 3, 2010


First day of school for our valley kids! Our district is on a year-round schedule, and this begins their fall quarter. The school buses came along right on time this morning -- we're at a corner where there's a bus stop. Sigh ... I guess summer is waning already.

Tony's off and running on a new home improvement project: a nice brick walkway from the front porch around to the side yard. This involves digging a trench all the way along (four feet wide by 40 feet long), two tons of sand dumped in the driveway, and 600+ bricks. Should keep him out of trouble for a while!

I got a fun package in the mail today! These goodies are from Nann, a Yahoo friend. Three sets of Christmas squares and 150 plaid charms -- wowee!!!! I can't wait to pull out my Nickel Quilts books and get going on those plaids :)