Sunday, May 23, 2010


Would you believe we woke up to snow this morning?! And it's still coming down! We're just shaking our heads and laughing.

I planted my tomatoes outside just yesterday -- they're covered with plastic, so I hope they're going to be OK. More of this year's really extreme weather I'm afraid ... snow in late May is NOT NORMAL for here!!

Our two working guys, Grady and John, spent the whole week sanding and sanding and sanding and sanding -- what tedious work! We're beginning to look like a Haunted House. They might start the primer coat on Monday or Tuesday, depending on the weather (!!!snow!!!) I want to see red paint, but probably not for another week.


I've been playing with the set of patriotic blocks. I made a few more and assembled them with alternating hourglass blocks. I hope to get the outer row (which finishes the tan squares) on the other three sides this evening. Then I'm thinking a navy border ...

1. New jeans -- smaller size -- woohoo!
2. The aroma of coffee brewing
3. A quiet weekend after a noisy dusty week