Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All is well

Wow -- I didn't realize I'd let the blog go for so long! Everything's great here, the days just keep humming along. We had another pleasant whirlwind visit from Dave, Jessica and Crazy Frankie. The mitre-saw/trim project continues sporadically, expanded now to encompass the entire downstairs and no end in sight yet. We thought we were pretty much done with winter -- my daffodils are standing in bud, ready to open -- but it looks like we're going to have some new snow over the next few days. It's cold and cloudy and windy and flurry-y this afternoon. Sigh.

This past weekend we enjoyed attending a performance of The Odd Couple at the Performing Arts Center. Lots of laughs, and the vintage costumes and sets were fun! I was humming the old familiar theme song for days afterward.

Sewing happens slowly. In addition to keeping up with my block-a-days, I'm assembling another comfort quilt. I'm using pastel floral bowtie blocks selected out from a big stack of swap blocks I had on hand. I'm not much of a pastel person myself, so I don't love this quilt, but it's **adequate** for a comfort quilt. It's going have puffy poly batting that I got from the guild, so I probably won't love quilting it either :)



Meggie said...

I had to laugh about the comfort quilt. I have quilts like that, they are adequate, but I don't love them. I should give them all away, and I do most of them, but if I feel they are too unlovely, I cant bear to inflict them on anyone I know!

Vicky said...

Quit blowing that cold wind down on us! Penny and I made short order of her walk tonight! Brrr.

The quilt is lovely. I always figure there's someone out there who will love it!