Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Thanks for the suggestions about my no-reply dilemma! I went through all my settings and reselected all the appropriate boxes, and saved all the choices. It didn't seem to help anything last night, but today (fingers crossed) it looks like I'm back to normal. I believe it was a Blogger hiccup, because I've had all my settings and my email address set up the same way forever. Anyway, I hope I'm back in business.

Here's another photo from our local KBHR site -- another view of the New Year's Eve torchlight parade I showed the other day. Yes, those really are bunches of snowboarders and skiers coming down the slope with flares -- pretty impressive!!

We went out to breakfast yesterday (biscuits and gravy at Thelma's Diner!! Lovin' this small town life!) and then for a winter walk. This is the boardwalk out to Baker's Pond, a wildlife sanctuary ... not our big lake which is big -- 7 miles long. It was a perfectly gray cold winter morning. Just a few ducks and geese out there on the open water, and everything quiet and frosty. It sure never looked like this down in Los Angeles -- hard to believe we're only 100 miles away (but a mile and a half up!).

Besides working along on my B-a-D blocks, this week I've been sewing up some florals and hearts for a swap group I belong to. Sixteen of the hearts and twelve of the florals -- bustin' that stash one block at a time! :)