Friday, January 1, 2010

Plans and hopes and dreams

Looking ahead to a new year, a new decade, my new life with much anticipation!

I have so many ideas and aspirations for 2010. My theme for the year will be HARMONY -- I want all the parts and pieces of my life to come together into a pleasing whole. I want to have all the basic elements running smoothly so I can enjoy them rather than feeling impatient and frazzled and last-minute-ish. And I want to allow enough cushion of time and energy to gracefully adjust to the quirks and glitches AND the spontaneous moments of opportunity that life throws at me.

I want to do more cooking, and reading, and gardening, and sewing. I want to take time every single day to mindfully appreciate the beautiful place where I live. I want to savor the time I spend with loved ones and friends (including all of you, my cyberfriends!) I want to be the best person I can possibly be. I want to be grateful for each moment I am privileged to be who I am. I want to be serene and joyful, all the time.

I certainly want to be more creative -- there are sooooo many inspirations on my list! I'm beginning the B-a-D challenge again, with high hopes of success this time. (Follow along here if you'd like.) It was a big chunk of unfinished business for me, and I want to conquer it this year! I'm also up and running with Friday Block Party. I'm only commiting to two other quilt projects for now -- the completion of my Mountain Home Sampler, and a new year-long applique project with a yahoo group I'm a member of. I belong to several x-stitch groups, too, but I'm not ready to undertake any stitchery just yet. More quiltiness and needlework will surely happen once I get warmed up, but I'm going to take it in small bites, and only work on projects that I love.

I'm ready for it all, and I can't wait to get started!!! :)

Today's picture is a photo of my newly-hung "It's a Wonderful Life" quilt top -- because surely, life IS wonderful! I made it several years ago with the same applique group I mentioned earlier. It's a personal interpretation of a Jan Patek Girl Gang pattern. Even though it's not quilted yet, I wanted to display it in my home to celebrate the beginning of a new spiral in my life. See the small spiral I included on the left border? A new cycle is beginning ...