Thursday, January 7, 2010

Odds and ends

Well, apparently I've reverted back to no-reply status. I reset everything yesterday. I don't know of anything else that might be causing this problem, and I think it's a Blogger issue anyway, so I guess I just have to wait and see if it corrects itself.

My order came from Connecting Threads -- lovely spring-timey thread colors! It's going to be a very low-buy year. I'll need to replenish my batting inventory one of these days when it comes up on sale, but I have enough fabric on hand to keep me occupied until the next millenium.

As was my New Year's intention, some real cooking has been happening! Over the weekend we enjoyed hearty lentil soup, and last night I made timbale, an Italian pot-pie-kinda-thing.


1. Pinon incense
2. A sweet juicy orange
3. Woodpeckers at the feeders this morning



Paula said...

Yummy, would you mind sharing the recipe?? Looks delicious. And, love the thread too!!

Texan said...

I just love that essential thread and all my machines love it too :O)... Love the colors you ordered :O).

Looks like some yummy cooking going on..

Still plugging away on my spiderweb quilt :O)

AnnieO said...

Seems you'll have to contact Blogger directly to see what's gummed up your works. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Pot pie looks great, almost as yummy as your blocks!

Anonymous said...

The correct italian name is "timballo"!
Very good indeed!;)
Annalisa from Italy

Shasta said...

The treads are so pretty. The food looks delicious.

penny said...

I haven't tried there thread but have looked at the great colors. Do you peice with it or use it for quilting?