Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catching up

TONS more snow happened here this past week! (And a gas valve on our furnace that went out -- but it was OK, we enjoyed the woodstove for a day or so!) This is the same winter storm that's continuing to make everyone miserable across the country. But it is beautiful here now that the weather has moved on east.
Jess is loving the winteriness! She goes out and frolics through the deep drifts and then comes in and plays with a toy -- as opposed to her usual napping 22 hours a day.
Frankie says "fagettaboutit!!"
It was WONDERFUL to visit with Nick, and the kids got in some excellent boarding. The slopes open at 8:30 am, so they were up and out early! (Dave's not a morning-kinda-guy!)
We went over to watch the fun. The sun is so bright on the slopes!
We are just loving life! We even brought Grandpa over to the clubhouse one afternoon to see the snowboarders in action.
Everyone also went to visit Grandma.
This was so funny -- flannel shirts were on sale the other week at K-mart. My Dad came over one evening for a game of Yahtzee, and when he took off his coat, he and Tony were in Bear Valley Uniform. Some holiday decorating has been begun around the house, but it's not done yet -- we were having too much fun with Nick, Dave and Jessica. ZERO going on with quilting or stitchery. I'm lagging far behind my target for my sampler blocks, just one done this week. But: oh, well. One of these days I'll get back to my projects ... meanwhile, I'm enjoying every day!!!



Anonymous said...

Lots of snow! Brrr! And we're complaining down below here that it's been below 70! Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

Texan said...

Looks and sounds like a very good time at your house!!!

We are really feeling the cold here in this part of Texas we are not used to all these below freezing temps...

I started a Spiderweb quilt today!

AnnieO said...

Our local mountains (Topa-Topa's, behind Ojai) got lots of snow and I know there were plenty of people up visiting it from here. So glad you're letting the excitement lead you to lots of fun times--Enjoy!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Please keep posting those snow pictures, I love my Sonoral Desert even more! 8^)

62 today - which feels reeeally cold!

Your life is quite the turn around, I'm so happy for you. Patience pays.

anne bebbington said...

So funny to see husband and father playing at twins!

I think this move has been just THE best thing you could have done - it looks as though it suits you all - long may it continue :o)