Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Woohoo! Tony and Dad went "down the hill" for the day, and I did the beauty parlor/groceries/errands excursion with Mother yesterday, so I'm HOME ALONE all day!! Six or seven hours in my sewing room ... I'm hoping to knock off the rest of the blocks for Judy's Hour-a-Day.

Meanwhile, we've been getting ready for our big garage sale this weekend. I cannot believe the amount of junk that's been stockpiling in the gazebo all summer. In addition to things we're discarding from our old house and our former vacation cabin, we've inherited cast-offs from both Mother's move and Father's, too. Can you say "weird stuff" ???? I've got my fingers crossed that a LOT of it will finally get sold/given away/vanish somehow from my life!



AnnieO said...

We have only had two garage sales our whole married lives and my husband got mad at me at both of them for selling something cheap that he thought was worth a lot more, LOL! So I am a "donate and write-off" kind of gal now. Hope yours is successful!

anne bebbington said...

one man's meat is another man's poison - hope other people like your cast-offs and you can get rid of your 'junk' :o)