Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My goodness, time flies! The week is on the downhill side already. My days are jam-packed with Mother, Father, Tony, the house, the dogs, and even once in a while my own activities :) But it's good busyness!

I finally managed to get the borders onto my autumn sampler. It didn't turn out exactly like I'd had in mind, but que-sera-sera. I squeaked out as much as I could from the limited assortment of old small scraps. So here's a completed top, my first semi-finish in a loooong time.

The Idea Channel in my brain is already buzzing along toward Halloween, so I'm not sure whether I'll layer and quilt this right now, or just hang it over the stair rail as a top and move along to something else. (Ha, I guess we know how that's going to play out, don't we?)

Thanks for all the discussion about joining the guild. I'm still weighing the choice. It might be a good thing, or I might get tangled up in an not-rewarding situation that would be difficult to withdraw from gracefully. This is a small town, and once I identify myself as a quilter, I will be pegged ... either as a cooperative team player, or as a rebel. So I'm still thinking about whether to make the commitment or remain anonymous.


1. A chocolate chip bagel for breakfast
2. New apple-scented shampoo
3. Breezy blue-sky weather