Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Odds and ends

I had an unscheduled afternoon -- a rarity! -- so I spent some time puttering in my workroom. I actually have several quilty tidbits to share! :)
I finally finished appliqueing this garage sale fragment onto a background square. Eventually I'm going to add some other applique work in the empty corners, and then borders.

While I was browsing through my project tubs, I unearthed these blocks. They were started last year using leftovers from this quilt that I made several years ago. The finished quilt was done using Lynda Hall's Tin Roof pattern. The 'leftovers' blocks have kind of a Jan Patek feel I think. They are BIG -- they'll be somewhere in the neighborhood of 22" once they get trimmed down -- so with just three more blocks and some sashing and borders, I might have a queen-size quilt for November.

I had hoped to do a Halloween project, but October is coming up fast and I 'm not having as much sewing time as I used to, so I decided to be realistic about what I'm going to accomplish.

I also ran across the little bundles from my ill-fated Block-a-Day project. They reminded me that I never shared these photos of assembled tops made using some of the B-a-D blocks. I was working on these this last spring but got snagged when Tony's Mom passed away and then my Dad got sick and I had to go out of town to help him recuperate. I donated the tops to a local charity when we were packing to move. So anyway, belated photos.

Maybe I'll resume the B-a-D again next year where I left off ... just couldn't stay with it this year, what with everything else that has happened.

All in all, a nice afternoon of exploring in my room!



Meggie said...

Your life has been so full, no one would say a word about BAD!
I am struggling with getting tops sandwiced to quilt!
goodness, I am beginning to feel ... challenged!

Meggie said...

Er,,, that would be 'sandwiched'!

I love to see your cheery face on the id pic!!

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, Jeanne, love the table topper. I'm about to do the same thing with a hexagon fragment, that is, applique it to a background.

loulee said...

Oooh! Lucky you, I miss my days where I can putter along at my own pace.

Texan said...

The hexagon quilt looks so good as a table cloth!! Great idea to put it on a backing and the added applique will be nice...What a find that was!

That would be a great hexagon project I might actually could finish! Would be a lot smaller than a bed size!!

AnnieO said...

Thanks for showing the quilt tops--your dedication to different colorways really added up to some great looking tops. Sounds like a good day in the sewing room. I hope to have one of those again soon!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

That hexagon fragment must be really happy that you came along and made it into something useful and beautiful! I think doing a b-a-d every day would be too much pressure for me, but I do like the idea of picking away on the project and doing a block here and there until a wonderful sampler emerges! Cheers! Evelyn